Sustainable house generates its own energy, recycles its water and produces its own food

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In addition to being sustainable, the project aims to question the costs of housing in large cities. NexusHaus is a

A coffee machine uses lees to produce mushrooms.

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The coffee grounds are highly nutritious and this coffee maker harnesses this material in a very clever way. Coffee grounds

Brazilian plastic artist turns cement bags into furniture.

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Empty cement bags are normally discarded waste. But in the hands of Alexandre Toscano, he saw art. Empty cement bags

In a neighborhood in Switzerland the Neighbors plant and exchange food

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The community serves as an incentive for those who wish to have their own plantations. French photographer and environmentalist Yann

Solar energy market in Brazil should have a value of R$ 100 billion by 2030

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Solar radiation in the less sunny region of Brazil is 40% larger than in the sunniest region of Germany, for

A Renewable Energy System that uses algae to produce the same amount of oxygen as a forest.

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Urban Algae Canopy is a project that mixes architecture, biology and technology. The micro-algae and digital farming systems in real

Brazilian project wins sustainable shelter in Italy for small producers

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The project stood out by offering a framework for developing sustainable communities and combating poverty. A sustainable and low-cost prototype

Curitiba wins prestigious building award for a vertical garden on the facade of the building with a solar mini-plant

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The innovated green building wall design uses plants that not only are resistant to pollution but also helps to clean