The coffee grounds are highly nutritious and this coffee maker harnesses this material in a very clever way.

Coffee grounds are highly nutritious, but this does not prevent them from being discarded. To take advantage of this material in an intelligent and practical way, the Spanish designer Adrián Pérez has created a cafeteria that produces coffee and mushrooms.

Named HIFA, the machine works very simply. Besides the space to prepare the coffee, where the powder is placed, the coffee maker has two other compartments: in one of them is the residual sludge and in the other is accommodated the mycelium. After preparing the coffee, the lees remain stored and, through a filter, it becomes fertilizer for the development of the fungus, mixing it gradually next to the mycelium.


Image: Disclosure

Image: Disclosure

More than having a highly nutritious natural fertilizer, the coffeemaker itself, rich in moisture, helps to develop the mushrooms, which in a few weeks begin to sprout out of the compartment and can be withdrawn for human consumption.

To make the process even better, it is possible to apply water sprays on the mycelium and use the leftovers as natural fertilizer in vegetable gardens or pots.