Sustainable house generates its own energy, recycles its water and produces its own food

In addition to being sustainable, the project aims to question the costs of housing in large cities. NexusHaus is a sustainable home designed by students at the University of Munich in partnership with students from

Solar energy market in Brazil should have a value of R$ 100 billion by 2030

Solar radiation in the less sunny region of Brazil is 40% larger than in the sunniest region of Germany, for example. Due to constant droughts, energy crises in the electric sector and the demand for

Brazilian project wins sustainable shelter in Italy for small producers

The project stood out by offering a framework for developing sustainable communities and combating poverty. A sustainable and low-cost prototype for small producers, created by Studio Flume, was the winner of the 2016 Call for

Curitiba wins prestigious building award for a vertical garden on the facade of the building with a solar mini-plant

The innovated green building wall design uses plants that not only are resistant to pollution but also helps to clean the air. Largo da Ordem - in the heart of the Historic Center of Curitiba